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How far can you go?

By fostering rich intercultural knowledge and outstanding language skills, American Councils programs often open doors to new careers and lifelong interests. Check out success stories from our alumni and profiles of scholarship recipients below.

Participant Success Stories

Participants on American Councils programs come from every walk of life for an experience beyond ordinary. By the end of their academic programs, they each leave with their own unique stories of success that inspire and last a lifetime. Where will your program lead?

Katherine Jacobsen (Moscow 2011-12)

Katherine Jacobsen"My time abroad helped me build the foundation of my career. The internship at The Moscow Times helped me get into journalism grad school, which helped me get to where I am right now."

After a meaningful internship with The Moscow Times during her academic year abroad, Katherine Jacobsen leveraged her overseas journalism experience to get into graduate school and later become a Kiev-based freelance journalist. Read More

Christopher Muller (St. Petersburg 2012)

Christopher Muller"Coming back to Russia was familiar territory. I was able to focus on my work right away, which helped me stand out. In many cases I was entrusted with higher profile tasks."

Shortly after his program in St. Petersburg, Christopher Muller was putting to work the skills and experience he had acquired while studying abroad. Read More

Sarah Tucker (Moscow 2012)

Russia"My work has not only challenged and enhanced my Russian language skills, but has also taught me a lot about life and society in Russia."

During her program abroad in Russia, Sarah Tucker wrote about the unique internship experience she had with an international NGO. It was an experience that touched close to home, even upon her return to the States. Read More

Alisha Kirchoff (Vladimir 2004-05)

Alisha Kirchoff"Russia made me a stronger person, a more aware person, and it opened my eyes to how life can be so different in another place..."

Alumna Alisha Kirchoff reflects on how she became interested in Russian, her time abroad with American Councils, and how her experience abroad led to meaningful work in the field of Russian and Eurasian studies. Read More

Bryan Furman (Moscow 2011-12)

Bryan Furman"I had reached the point where sitting in Russian class two days per week was not going to improve my ability to communicate in the language... at a satisfactory rate."

Alumnus Bryan Furman discusses his personal experience abroad, including an internship at the Carnegie Moscow Center that taught him about the Russian workplace. Read More

Laura Kurek (Moscow 2014)

"In Russia, you go all in. All of your classes are in Russian and it's a commitment; you're committing to live in a different culture. And that being said, you have to know that going in and have to know that things will be different and there will be things you don't like, as well as things you love."

Alumna Laura Kurek reflects on her academic experience, how she was able to incorporate her interests from home into her study abroad program, and how students can get the most out of their study abroad experience. Read More

Scholarship Recipient Profiles

The American Councils Study Abroad Scholarship Fund was established in order to provide students with additional funding for study abroad in Eurasia, Russia, and the Balkans. Learn more about previous scholarship recipients and their experiences.

Risa Chubinsky (Moscow 2014)

"After this program I realized that, despite large cultural and political differences, we are more alike in terms of our daily and long-term goals and aspirations than you would expect from reading the news.”

Alumna Risa Chubinsky discusses her time abroad and how her scholarship helped her achieve her personal and academic goals. Read More

Eve Litvak (St. Petersburg 2014)

Eve Litvak"As the first first-generation American in my family, I had many unanswered questions about Russia and what it means to be Russian."

Alumna Eve Litvak discusses her experiences as a Russian heritage speaker abroad, how her scholarship helped her achieve her study abroad goals, and what it has inspired her to do next. Read More

Jordan Matosky (St. Petersburg 2014)

Jordan Matosky"I was able to play basketball with Russian students from my university. It was an incredible method to get to know people from another area of the world, and has created international friendships."

Alumna Jordan Matosky discusses her time abroad and how her scholarship helped her make new friends on the basketball court while bridging cultural differences. Read More

Omeed Alidadi (Dushanbe 2017)

Omeed Alidadi "It wasn't until I was completely immersed— i.e. watching Russian media daily, volunteering at local community centers, and spending time with my host brother and his friends — that I felt like I understood what it was like to be Tajik."

Alum Omeed Alidadi writes about his time abroad in Tajikistan and how his Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad scholarship helped him gain a sense of understanding and belonging halfway across the world. Read More

Connor O'Brien (Moscow 2017)

Connor O'Brien "Ultimately, the immersive nature of the program was fundamental in improving my spoken and written Russian, and especially in improving my listening abilities."

RLASP alum Connor O'Brien writes about how his Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad scholarship allowed for him to immerse himself in Russian language study and the importance of language immersion on U.S.-Russian relations. Read More

Matthew Marsland (Moscow 2018)

Matthew Marsland "You can study Russian language from anywhere on Earth, but there can be no substitute for fully immersing yourself in the culture and language you study."

RLASP alum Matthew Marsland writes about how his Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad scholarship allowed for him to immerse himself in Russian language study and the importance of overseas language immersion. Read More

Rachel McBride (Dushanbe 2018)

Rachel McBride "I guarantee you will not regret picking a study abroad location more off the beaten path, and you will learn an enormous amount about a lesser-known country/culture and yourself in the process.

ERLP alum Rachel McBride writes about the importance of study abroad and why studying abroad in Dushanbe on the Eurasian Regional Language Program was such a unique experience. Read More

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