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As you consider a program abroad, you'll have no shortage of questions about the experience and how to prepeare. We've compiled some information that will help you through the process.

Common Questions

Q: Why should I choose American Councils?

This is a fair question... and a great one. We've been sending students abroad to non-traditional destinations for nearly 40 years. Find out what makes our programs unique.

Q: What resources are available to help fund my trip abroad?

American Councils has several scholarship funds and we can point you to other sources of funding, too. See which scholarships you may qualify for.

Q: My parents keep asking: "Is it safe?"

Here's some good information to share with them about how our programs are operated.

Q: How will this experience benefit me after the program is over?

We have countless success stories--individuals just like yourself who flourished during and after their programs. Read some of their stories.

Q: What policies should I be aware of prior to traveling abroad?

Good question. Check out the fine print.

Start your journey today.