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Parental Peace of Mind

Studying abroad raises many important questions for both students and parents alike. American Councils places great emphasis on the safety and well-being of our participants from the application and pre-program stages through the duration of their program abroad.

Health & Safety

General Protocol

The health and safety of participants abroad is of utmost importance to American Councils. Our staff takes great care preparing for all program contingencies and have put into place numerous procedures and policies that ensure the well-being of participants on our programs, including:

Overseas Safety

In many respects, the cities where we place students are like big cities in the US, and share a similar level of risks. We also understand that emergencies may happen and may occur where participants are less familiar with their surroundings. Because of this, American Councils takes great care to share information with student finalists and participants, through:

We work closely with U.S. embassies, the U.S. State Department, local partners and institutions, travel experts, and insurance companies to assess situations and to make informed decisions should an unstable situation arise.

Health Issues

While American Councils is deeply committed to preserving the health and safety of our participants, our ability to do so depends in part on the open communication and mature, responsible decision making of our participants. Program participants with specific health concerns should contact our office directly to discuss how we can best ensure they receive the support they may require overseas; they should also fully disclose this information on the American Councils Health Information Form that students are asked to complete after admission to our programs. (This information is kept in strict confidence and has no bearing upon selection.) Providing detailed, comprehensive information about one's health history and one's potential needs while abroad is a critical first step toward success on our programs.

Applicants and participants with specific health and safety questions prior to departure are encouraged to contact the Outbound department to discuss their questions or concerns in more detail.

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