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Study Abroad in the Balkans

Among few study abroad providers offering programs in the Balkans, American Councils offers several opportunities for language immersion, area studies, and internship placements in the Southeast Europe.

Programs in the Balkans

Balkan Language Initiative

Balkan Language InitiativeCombining highly-individualized academic programming with structured overseas immersion, the Balkan Language Initiative enables students to make rapid gains in language proficiency and cultural knowledge while living and studying in one of six countries in Southeast Europe. Through homestays, conversation partners, in-class instruction, and a wide range of extracurricular activities, participants enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in daily local life in a region largely unserved by study abroad programs. Learn More →

Overseas Professional & Intercultural Training Program (OPIT)

Overseas Professional & Intercultural Training (OPIT) Program - InternshipsThrough OPIT's eight-week, English-language internships, students gain the substantive overseas professional experience and intercultural communication skills demanded by today's global market. American Councils on-site staff arrange internships and provide ongoing support to participants. Internships in the fields of business, democracy-building, ecology, human rights, law, public health, journalism, and women's issues are available throughout Eurasia, Southeast Europe, and the Baltics. No foreign-language study is required. Learn More →

Customized & Faculty-Led Programs

In addition to administering its own high-quality overseas programs, American Councils offers a wide range of services to support customized and faculty-led programs for U.S. institutions of higher education. With a network of over 35 overseas offices and 400 host-country nationals and expatriate staff members around the globe, American Councils is well-equipped to help design an overseas program for your students. Learn More →

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